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January 24, 2020

10 Reasons to Buy a Lookout Home in Chelan, WA

There may be hundreds of reasons why owning a Lookout vacation home in Chelan is a dream come true, but we’ve narrowed it down with the help of our homeowners and staff.

10)  It’s unlike anywhere else in the state. 
“The Chelan area is the hidden gem of Washington State. It’s slow-moving and uncrowded, yet boasts a gorgeous lake, a National Forest, sweet small towns, wine country—all just a few hours’ drive east or west. It’s a place to relax or be active and see beautiful scenery, even in just a short weekend.” – Carol Ortolf, Sales Agent 

9)  It’s an opportunity to create your dream home.
“Real estate in Chelan can feel limited between fixer-uppers, non-view or waterfront lots, and locations farther outside of town. But when you buy a Lookout home, you’re minutes from downtown, with 700 feet of private waterfront, and it’s all new construction. You can choose from a variety of locations and designs that fit your needs and taste. Then put your finishing touches on it! This is your chance to build the Chelan home you’ve been dreaming about, and in a neighborhood that already has it all.” – Dallas Widmark, General Manager

8)  It’s a playground for your kids, and for you!
“Our kids can spend the whole day at The Lookout—running from the park to the sandy beach cove to the pools, and back again. For adults, it’s just as fun—pickleball, trails, bocce courts, outdoor kitchens, hot tubs…it’s heaven!” – Andrea Vann, Homeowner

7)  Chelan is a four-season destination.
“We considered several places to build a vacation home, but a home in Chelan is special in that it’s not just a “summer home.” It has four distinct seasons, and they’re all beautiful. We love to escape the rain and come here for blue skies. And all the outdoor activities—boating, skiing, hiking, golf, biking, there are things to do year round.” – Dave & Leslie Miniken, Homeowners Walking on Sunshine

6)  You can try before you buy!
“Our family rented homes at The Lookout several times before we decided to buy our own. We experienced Chelan in all seasons, got to know the community, and tried out different floor plans, locations in the neighborhood, and design styles. Needless to say, we fell in love, and now have our own home!” – Scott Slater & Ashley Sigafoos, Homeowners 5 O’Clock Somewhere

5)  A private marina is a boat owner’s dream come true!
“Exploring the beautiful lake by boat is one of my favorite things to do, so the private 70-slip marina is a huge perk! It doesn’t get much better than walking 5 minutes from your doorstep to the dock. And there’s so much more at The Lookout waterfront: boat and jet ski rentals, a swimming pier, a protected swimming cove, even an area for dogs.” – Dennis Kaill, Homeowner More Cowbell!

4)  You can be part of a close-knit community.
“In large part, we chose The Lookout [because of the] differentiated vision focused on creating a community versus just a place to go and not engage with neighbors and guests to the neighborhood. Our kids are building new friendships and having new experiences. They now have “Lookout friends” in their network, as well as ours is expanding.”  – Dan & Laurie Jones, Homeowners Grapevine

3)  The perfect location, so easy to get to town!
“You can drive just a couple minutes to Chelan, or 10 minutes to Manson. Plus, the new multi-use trail into downtown Chelan is awesome. There is nowhere else in the area to get waterfront access, plus the ability to walk or bike into town for dinner or shopping. It’s an easy, safe mile—even kid friendly!” – Servando Robledo, Director of Resort Operations

2)  You can share your home—and earn income doing it!
“We wanted a home in Chelan that was big enough for family, but also liked the idea of being able to offset the costs with the Cottage Rentals program, which ultimately allowed us to build a bigger home than we probably would have. We have been in the rental program for three years, and it’s been a great way to share your home and offset costs.” – The McCann Family, Homeowners Egg N Us

1)  It’s an investment in your family’s future.
“As a young family, we are thrilled we can start new family traditions now. We come to Chelan from Seattle every chance we get—our kids get so excited to go to the lake. We bring friends and grandparents, celebrate holidays, host family reunions here…this will be the place where our family gathers for years, and generations, to come.” – Stephanie McRae, Homeowner Big Sky

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