The Lookout Community

There’s something magical about a day at the lake. You can fit in a zillion different activities, and yet the pace of life still seems to slow down. Everyone is free to find their own adventures, and yet you feel more connected. Hours blur together, and yet the memories don’t fade. It’s an escape from your normal life, but you end up feeling more like yourself when you’re there.

Place is a feeling

The Lookout is a community designed to capture that feeling and provide a perfect canvas for both adventure and relaxation. It’s a place where neighbors wave and kids ride bikes in the street, where families barbeque together and share boat rides on the lake, where the stress of a fast-paced city lifestyle is washed away by the abundant sunshine of the Chelan Valley.

The places we treasure did not become great by accident. They are planned, perfected and thoughtfully shaped by passionate people. The Lookout was inspired by historically memorable towns like Waterville, Cashmere, and downtown Chelan—places with a strong sense of community and a slower pace of life. It was developed by a team of people who sought to create a place that their own families would love—and they do.

Design philosophy

The Lookout embraces the concept of new urbanism, applying the same design principles that shaped communities before cars started to define our landscapes.

The community is inherently walkable, from vineyard trails and sidewalks, to pocket parks and pathways that wind down to the waterfront. Cars are parked, bikes are ridden, families walk together, and everyone enjoys a break from the noise and hustle of everyday life. Thoughtful design elements like inviting front porches and shared outdoor spaces encourage neighbors to take time to visit and create true connections.

At The Lookout, we don’t just build streets and houses, we build community. The most spectacular parts of the property have been set aside for public amenities, like parks, pools and a waterfront beach cove. The architecture and landscaping are equally purposeful, designed to have a unique feel while fitting naturally into the sweeping backdrop of the Chelan Valley.

Resort Map