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September 3, 2019

Best of September in Chelan

It’s easy to lament the end of summer, but we’ll let you in on a little secret to make you feel better: September at Lake Chelan. Summer doesn’t give up easily here, stretching long past Labor Day with perfect weather for all of Chelan’s activities. Read on for our take on the best of this beautiful month.

What is the forecast?
Not too hot, not at all cold. The daytime temperature averages 77 degrees, with only two days of rain. (Or maybe none at all! These blue-sky days seem to just keep coming!) The air feels clean, the evenings are still warm, and jumping in the lake doesn’t make you shiver…too much!
What is there to do?
ALL the summer things! Both Lookout pools are open through September, with our newest Vineyard Pool open year-round.
And with fewer crowds, this is a perfect time to play golf or hit the nearby hiking and biking trails. Then, cool off with a dip in the pool, or a happy hour boat ride—the days are long enough to get a lot in!
What events are happening?
September kicks off harvest season (though stay tuned for October, when it really gets going!) Many local orchards and wineries offer tours, classes, and dinners. The Historic Downtown Chelan Association hosts a Harvest Dinner fundraiser, a farm-to-table al fresco dinner held on the old bridge.
True to our small-town spirit, there are also unique community events that take both participants and spectators on an adventure! In September, these include the Manson HydrofestSkydive Festival, and a Sailing Regatta.
And perhaps the most exciting of them all: The Lookout Pickleball Tournament! A Labor Day weekend tradition for 6 years running, this is where the action really is! Don’t miss it.
Take some days off for a weekend trip, and come see September in Chelan for yourself!
By: Cara Rettig