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July 31, 2023

6 Fun Facts About Lake Chelan

What makes Lake Chelan a dream vacation destination, you ask? Lake Chelan is full of incredible history, giving our home a distinct personality that attracts more than 2 million people each year to experience it for themselves! Just as interesting as all the breathtaking sites you’ll see in Lake Chelan is the history behind them. Lake Chelan is an enthralling place where plenty of memories are to be made! Here are six fun facts about Lake Chelan:

1. Formed By Glaciers

kayak on lake chelanLake Chelan slowly formed from a glacier valley more than 10,000 years ago! The Cascade Mountains formed Lake Chelan over a period of millions of years as these glaciers drained into what is now Lake Chelan. Fed by these glaciers, numerous streams and the Stehekin River, Lake Chelan today attracts visitors looking to enjoy some of the most pristine and naturally gorgeous areas in the country. More than 100 different glaciers flow into Lake Chelan.

2. Named By Chelan Natives

Natives are believed to have established civilization in what is now Lake Chelan shortly after the lake was formed. These natives, or “Chelan,” came from the Wenatchi Tribe and spoke in the Wenatchi dialect of the Interior Salish language. Natives called the Columbia River “Tsill-ane” or “deep river” in English.

3. Lake Chelan Valley Features 40+ Wineries

winery in lake chelanEvery vacation needs some rest and relaxation. We suggest doing it at one of more than 30 wineries in the Lake Chelan Valley! The wineries in Lake Chelan are some of the very best in the United States, many of which have won awards for their incredibly tasty wines. Explore some local vineyards to find a wine that you can take back home and impress your closest friends and family.

4. Known For Its Apples

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we’re living forever in Lake Chelan! Apples are a staple in Lake Chelan! This region features naturally fertile soil for producing a wide range of produce, from apples to grapes. Roughly 10,000 acres in the Lake Chelan Valley are used to grow apples and other fruits.

5. One of the Deepest Lakes in America

boats on lake chelanLake Chelan is over 50 miles of pristine water twisting and turning through the Cascade Mountains. It is the largest, longest and deepest lake in Washington and the third deepest in America at 1,486 feet! Only Crater Lake in Oregon and Lake Tahoe in Nevada/California reach deeper depths than Lake Chelan.

6. A Rush of Prospectors

When word got out in the 1880s that precious metals were popular in the upper areas of Lake Chelan, prospectors flocked to the area in hopes of getting rich! Gold, silver, copper, zinc, and lead mines began popping up all over Lake Chelan. The Stehekin River became a popular lake port where prospectors and their supplies would arrive, ready to get to work in the mines.

How many of these facts about Lake Chelan did you already know? We can’t wait for you to experience Lake Chelan for yourself! Explore our Lake Chelan vacation rentals to find the perfect place for your family to take it all in!