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September 16, 2021

Our Lake Chelan Wedding Venue: the Perfect Wedding Destination

If your big day is coming up and you’re still unsure of where to celebrate your wedding, check out our amazing wedding venue located at The Lookout! This venue has everything you could ever want or need for your wedding day, and we are determined to help the event go as smoothly as possible. Here is why our Lake Chelan wedding venue is the perfect destination for your wedding day:

Romantic Views

wedding venueThis one-of-a-kind Lake Chelan wedding venue is the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony! With Lake Chelan as your background, we guarantee the most beautiful wedding photos and ceremonies. Share your vows under a leafy archway overlooking the sparkling waters of Lake Chelan to create a romantic moment you and your partner will never forget. Enjoy your first kiss as a married couple while the sun sets, creating the most colorful sky. You and your wedding party won’t be able to get enough of these views!

Offered Services

When you decide to hold your big day at our wedding venue, you can choose between our 3 wedding packages, including the Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages. Depending on the number of guests and length of your event, fees will vary. These packages include ceremony services, tables and chairs, outdoor lighting, parking, shuttle services and an ADA bathroom trailer. By choosing between one of these packages and taking advantage of all our offered services, your day is guaranteed to run smoothly and efficiently.

On-Site Vacation Rentals

grand crewWe know that in most cases the bridal party will all want to stay with each other before the wedding, and our vacation rentals are a great way to spend quality time together before the big day. Your wedding guests can also stay in our beautiful vacation homes when they travel into town for your wedding. If you and your partner don’t want to travel far away for your honeymoon, spend it at The Lookout with us! Being able to go straight to your vacation home after your busy day of festivities is incredibly convenient!

We Have Planning Resources

We know that there are so many small factors that go into planning a wedding. You have to choose caterers, a photographer and videographer, a DJ and more! Luckily for you, we have a whole list of recommended vendors for you to choose from, making the process of a destination wedding much easier. We also recommend wedding planning services from Ellie Haisch! Ellie has years of wedding coordination experience and is ready to help you with whatever you need on your big day!

Now that you know why our Lake Chelan wedding venue is the perfect wedding destination, you can start planning your big day with us. Learn more about our wedding venue and book a tour today! We look forward to seeing you on your special day!