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September 13, 2021

Why Lake Chelan is the Perfect Vacation Destination for Bikers

Regardless if you’re interested in cycling, mountain biking or just a leisurely bike ride with the family, you’ll love all the biking opportunities near Lake Chelan. Whether you’re a casual or competitive rider, you will have a blast exploring all the area has to offer from the seat of your bike. Here is why Lake Chelan is the perfect vacation destination for bikers:

Cycle-Friendly Roads

bikingIn Chelan, the roads are bike-friendly and work perfectly for cyclists looking for a scenic ride! Cyclists can bike through the beautiful orchards and vineyards that line the lake, as well as pass throughout the twists and turns of the mountain roads. If you begin your cycling adventure from The Lookout, you’ll only be a mile from downtown, and if you go a little further north, you can bike around Manson’s Loop. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or you just want to take a day of your vacation to ride, you’ll love all the cycling options at Lake Chelan.

Mountain Biking Opportunities

If you’re craving adventure, you should check out all the mountain biking opportunities near The Lookout. The Lake Chelan Valley hosts numerous biking trails accompanied by unbeatable views of the lake and mountain landscape. For skilled mountain bikers looking for an all-day ride, we recommend the Echo Ridge Summer Trails. These trails stretch for 25 miles and offer tons of options, including skiing and snowshoeing trails that are perfect for biking when the snow melts. For an easier ride, check out the 1.5-mile Stormy Mountain that makes for a great picnic ride with the family.

Biking Events

raceBecause the terrain is so perfect for biking, Chelan hosts various biking and cycling events every year. From early May to late August, the NW Epic Mountain Bike Point Series is held in Chelan, consisting of four races. As the seasons change and early signs of fall appear, Rotary International hosts the Chelan Century Challenge in September. All funds raised from this event help fund scholarships and charities in the Lake Chelan area. If you want to support a good cause and get a workout in at the same time, these events are perfect for you!

Biking at The Lookout

If these trails and events spark your interest but you don’t want to haul your bike to Lake Chelan, we’ve got you covered. Select rentals come with bikes for you and your family so you don’t have to bring your own. We even have a bike track and other amenities on our property so you can get comfortable peddling before you hit the roads and trails. If you’re looking for a specific bike, there are plenty of bike rental locations near The Lookout that we can recommend to you.

Now that you know more about why Lake Chelan is the perfect vacation destination for bikers, you can begin planning your next adventure. Still looking for a place to stay? Check out all of our vacation rentals and find the one that best fits your needs today!