vacation rental program

To make owning a home at The Lookout even easier and more lucrative, our Vacation Rental program is in place to provide rental income. When you’re not using your home, our hospitality team cares for it and fully manages the rental process, including advertising and promotion. Now in its sixth year, this program is popular among our owners.


This is a fully managed rental program. We handle everything from listing and booking to turnover and guest services. And you’re always in full control of your calendar—our first priority is ensuring that you get to enjoy your home!

Program benefits

  • Totally turnkey rental service
  • Professional advertising and listing maintenance
  • Active promotion of rental properties
  • All booking, check-in/check-out and turnover handled by our professional staff
  • Use your home whenever you want—it’s up to you to decide when and if you’d like to share your home with guests
  • Owners get access to same services as renters
  • Offset the cost of your home with almost no effort

Services Provided

  • On-site reservations team
  • Processing reservations, cancellations and handling disputes
  • Guest management and relations
  • Scheduling housekeeping and laundry services
  • Check-in and check-out services
  • Paying credit card processing fees
  • Preparation and enforcement of rental agreements
  •  Walk-through of home no less than every two weeks
  • Preparing owner statements and making disbursements on a monthly basis
  • Tax reporting as required by taxing authority
  • Marketing – we will promote your home on The Lookout website and in other channels, including paid advertisements

For more information about our Vacation Rental Program, please contact our Sales Team at